STEM Technical Writing
Dr. Crowthers

About The Class

STW at MAMS is taught by Dr. Crowthers. It is taught in conjunction with our STEM 1 project, where we learn the process and syntax for technical writing. For our STEM 1 projects, this included in-class practice with technical writing, along with writing our own literature reviews and STEM thesis for our projects.

Modeling Alzheimer's Progression Using Cognitive Performance Data Technical Documents

The following documents include my literature review, project proposal, and project notes. These documents serve as insight into the background research I had to conduct to find knowledge gaps in the field that I could explore with my STEM project. The project notes document shows the research I conducted and the information I recieved from each journal article, along with any knowledge gaps it brought up. The literature review provides insight into the main takeways from my research and serves as a formalized summary of my project notes. The project proposal then highlights the knowledge gaps identified and the plan for my project to use Alzheimer's data to create a machine learning model that can diagnose Alzheimer's. Overall, these documents serve as the foundation as my project and the first major step that was taken towards completing this project.

Literature Review

Project Proposal

Project Notes