Mr. Ellis

About The Class

Physics at MAMS is taught by Mr. Ellis. The class teaches both algebra and calculus-based physics, from mechanics to electricity and magnetism. As this course helps prepare for AP exams, I plan on taking the AP Physics Calculus: Electricity & Magnetism exam at the end of this school year. A large focus of this course is being able to use the physics concepts learned and apply them as needed to problems. Many of the problems worked on for this class are much more difficult that traditional textbook problems that may not look to apply many different concepts of physics to one problem.

Über Problems

At the end of every unit, we have what is called an "Über" Problem, which combines many different concepts, beyond the current unit. These problems involve finding the solution to the problem, and then using Microsoft Word to create a write up on the problem with a diagram. Below are my write-ups for the Kinematics and Forces Units.