Math Modeling
Mr. Regele

About The Class

Math Modeling at MAMS is taught by Mr. Regele. The class takes a different approach than most traditional math classes and focuses on problem solving strategies. The class is presented through a series of tougher, competition-style problems to build application skills behind the mathematics. As a part of Math Modeling, many of the projects in this class are presented through abstract problems that involve making necessary assumptions and creating our own strategy for solving the problem.


As a part of the class, MAMS takes part in a 36-hour math competition, known as HiMCM (International High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling). In this contest, teams of 4 work to create a solution to a large, abstract math modeling problem that requires defining your interpretation of the problem, creating a strategy to solve the problem, and effectively presenting a solution. I worked with Henry Liu, Svabhu Govindaraj, and Amith Chintalapati to create our paper. This was truly a 36-hour math competition as we worked all day and while it was tiring, it was also a blast and a great experience. Below is our team’s paper on the problem.


Mathematica is a computational software that we use frequently for projects in the class. The software allows us to make calculations and work with datasets in a mathematical manner that can then be used in the presentation of a solution to a problem. One such problem involved finding the optimal cost for football tickets to maximize revenue, given some preliminary data about people’s most likely purchasing habits.