Mrs. Small

About The Class

Humanities at MAMS is taught by Mrs. Small. The class is a combination of human history and English. The course dives deep into human history and how we have as a species have evolved, from evolution to social hierarchy to systemic racism. A major component of class is intriguing readings that force you to challenge your own views on society. To complement these readings, the class is often held in a Socratic Seminar format to foster discussion and debate.


During A and B Term, we learned about rhetorical devices that are used to develop your argument as a writer. We learned how to recognize and use these devices. From here, we moved on to a similar type of argument: satire. One type of piece that we worked on was creating our own satirical pieces. I worked with Svabhu Govindaraj to satirize "Gym Bro" culture and show the problematic culture of intimidation in gyms. This assignment was a lot of fun as we were able to be creative with our argument, while using the satirical devices we learned in class.

Humor Against Hatred

As part of our unit on satircal and rhetorical, I wrote an essay that compared the effectiveness of a traditional rhetorical arguement against Islamophobia to a satire by Hasan Minaj on the same topic. We were able to choose the sources we wanted to compare and this allowed me to pick something I was interested in writing about. Click here to see the satire I analyzed.