Pictures of me Swimming


My name is Poorvi Mohanakrishnan, and I am a student at Mass Academy of Math and Science. I have a passion for swimming, am a big foodie, and enjoy serving my community. Feel free to scroll through my website to learn more about me :)

Pictures of me swimming.

My Sport:

I am an avid competitive swimmer and my love for the sport started seven years ago. I began my journey struggling in the gutter lane but eventually through hard work I was able to make progress. Moving up to high school had its own set of challenges academically, so I moved from my club team and took a chance on the local rec team. Swimming for my school and the local team taught me the comradery, drive, and teamwork I needed to learn to re-love the sport again. My experience has given me the tools to rejoin a USA Swim Team called Evolution Aquatics, and I am ready to dive into a new chapter of my swimming journey.

Here is a link to a catalog of my swim times

My Community:

Pictures of me doing community service

Getting involved in the community is something I learnt in seventh grade through AMSA's community service club. I was inspired by a mentor and the resourcefulness of my peers. Being a member of the club helped me grow to become a confident leader organizing a cross-cultural exchange between our school and a sister school in Japan, coordinating park cleanups in surrounding towns, and working with my peers in soup kitchens to feed the less fortunate. Since then I have co-founded and currently lead the Mass Academy Community Service club, through which we partner and work with Refugee organizations, Veterans homes, and inner city students of Worcester. I also assistant-coach for the Special Olympics program, volunteer at a nursing home, and am a certified Best Buddies speech mentor.

Public Speaking:

Pictures of me Speaking

Ever since I was a young student, I always would get in trouble for talking during class. Learning about the speech and debate team helped me channel that into a more productive outlet. I grew fond of the original oratory category and had dreams of writing a great speech. It turned out that was not such an easy feat to accomplish. I learned how to navigate the speech world by watching hundreds of YouTube videos and writing lots of speeches. These efforts yielded me the results I was hoping for. In 2020, I was introduced to the Statewide Mass Lions Youth Speech Contest, and I was able to utilize the skills I had gained, while putting my own personal spin on the topic. I was awarded State Champion, but more importantly I was glad I got an opportunity to experiment a new speech structure and to have the support that I had from the Marlboro Lions and my community. I have taken my experiences and used them to mentor other young speakers as a coach on the middle school speech team at AMSA.


Pictures of my cooking

Food has been a big interest of mine. I am never too tired to critic a dish, and I live in the kitchen cooking and baking up new creations. Watching my favorite Food Network stars on TV inspired me to create a YouTube channel focusing on my recipes and teaching the audience the science behind nutrition. I have also recently taken up CrossFit, at first as strength building for swimming, but now as a frequent activity that I do with my family. I have made many friends at the gym, and I love working out with them. Not only have I improved my physical strength, but now it has become a great outlet for me after long days.
Here is a link to my YouTube Channel. Feel free to check out the videos!