Peter Liang

Spanish is taught by Mrs. Wildfong. We immerse ourselves by only speaking Spanish in class. Our resources consist of books and television. The biggest project of the year is the film project, where students create a short film entirely in Spanish. Outside of class, students keep a listening log. Twice a week, we must listen to Spanish content for at least 20 minutes, whether it be music or podcasts.


My favorite assignment was making memes. In the first meme, the buff guy says that he does one pushup every time my classmate David says the word "OK." This is funny because David says "OK" a lot. The other meme shows Ms. Small getting an Uno card that says "use APA or draw 25." In the next panel, she is shown holding 25 Uno cards, which is funny because Ms. Small has an antipathy towards APA format.

Un Cuento de Mi Niñez

"Un cuento de mi niñez" translates to "A childhood story." For this story, I wrote about my 2019 trip to China, including stops in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, and Sichuan. I had a lot to say about this trip, but I found it hard to express myself in Spanish.