Peter Liang

Physics is taught by Mrs. Chase. In this class, we cover the AP Physics curriculum, which includes kinematics, dynamics, gravitation, and more. The course is taught with algebra, but there is also a calculus option. We design and conduct our own lab experiments, emphasizing deep understanding of the content.

Dynamics Lab

In the dynamics lab, I, along with Charles Tang and David Barsoum, looked at whether changing the mass of an object changed the static and kinetic coefficients of friction between it and another surface. We designed our own experiment and found that the coefficient of friction does not depend on the mass.

Momentum Lab

My group for the momentum investigation was me, Rianna Santra, and Chengwei Wang. We connected two Vernier Sensor Carts to Vernier Graphical Analysis software to view the position and velocity of the carts. Then, we collided the carts to investigate the conservation of momentum and kinetic energy in elastic and hyperelastic collisions.