Peter Liang
Math Modeling

Math Modeling is taught by Mrs. Burns. In this class, we learn all different kinds of math, from modular arithmetic to statistics to math modeling. Math modeling is the application of math to solve real world problems. It is important to communicate ideas to other people, which is why we have presentations on homework problems to practice this skill.


One such problem was HiMCM, which is a math modeling contest for high school students. Over a period of 48 hours, my team modeled the growth of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere using data from previous years. To achieve this, we combined Python code, Google Sheets, and our own math. Our resulting document came out to 22 pages. I am very proud of the work we accomplished in such a short time period.

Elevator Problem

In the elevator problem, there is a work building with six floors and four elevators. The objective was to find a way to deliver the 400 employees to their respective floors in the fastest time, given how long it took for elevators to travel up and down. As this assignment occurred during December, we created a holiday-themed slideshow, which I am very proud of. I worked with David Barsoum, Vaishnavi Harish, and Krisha Patel.