Peter Liang

Humanities is taught by Ms. Small. By examining different texts and discussing them in class, we look at what it means to be human. I find that I have gained a better understanding of myself and my views through this class. There is no shortage of writing, which teaches us to explain our ideas so that other people understand them.

Walden Skit

Our summer reading book was Walden by Henry David Thoreau, and our first assignment of the year was to create a skit based on a theme from the book. My groupmates were Tarun Eswar, Luke Pepin, Jennifer Shaughnessy, and Chengwei Wang. In a comedic Titanic parody, we made fun of Thoreau's impractical views of society. On the right are some photos of our Bournedale performance.

Education Essay

Our first essay of the year was an essay on education. As a student, this topic was very personal to me, and I had a lot to say about it. In class, we examined multiple texts relating to the topic, and I used those to strengthen my argument on which qualities are most important in a good learning environment.