Peter Liang
Computer Science

Computer science is taught by Mrs. Taricco. In this class, we start off with developing our websites with HTML and CSS. From there, we learn the principles of computer science and object-oriented programming with Java. Assignments come in the forms of labs, stressing topics from arrays to classes. Students with prior experience in the subject are encouraged to develop a project of their choosing.

Independent Project

For my independent project, I am building an app to track practice time for musical instruments. As someone who plays piano and flute, I want to be able to record how much I am practicing each instrument and each piece. This can offer valuable insight into practice regularity and which pieces need practice. In the practice tracker app, there are three main input screens: instrument, piece, and practice session. After the musician has completed multiple practice sessions, they can view it back in a list. In the future, I hope to implement a graph view as well. The screenshots to the right show the current state and function of the app.

AWTGraphics Lab

Graphics are fun because it is satisfying to see how changes in the drawing reflect changes in the code. For this graphics assignment, I drew my initials, a sphere in a box, a pacman flower, and a triangle with a circumscribed and inscribed circle.

Apps For Good

Apps For Good is a group project where students create an app to solve a problem in their community. My group, which consisted of me, Tarun Eswar, and Vanessa Fobid, created an app called "Sharepool." The app serves as a platform for communication between members of carpool groups. Users can create groups, invite other people, and start carpools which provide the estimated time of arrival to each stop and visually represents the route on a map.

Target Audience

Our target audience was the student population. We felt that students would get the most use out of our app because they need to commute to and from school daily. However, the app is not school-specific and can be used in other carpool situations, such as tennis lessons.

Minimum Viable Product

Our minimum viable product allows users to create carpool groups and invite other users into that group. From there, they can create a carpool that will be controlled by the driver of the carpool. The carpool can be customized by changing the order of picking up students. Once the carpool is started, the estimated time of arrival at each stop is displayed.

Final Product

Our final product includes all of the features of the minimum viable product, as well as a map view of the route. The map shows the user's current location, as well as the pickup points on the route. Users can also see the driver's current location.