Peter H. Hansen's Teaching


I may teach some of the following courses in history and International and Global Studies in varying frequency; all are taught by other faculty. The instructional websites are located on the WPI Canvas system.


The innovative WPI Plan offers students the opportunity to learn how to learn how to learn with real-world projects and research in the humanities and arts, interdisciplinary problems, and in the major field of study.

Humanities and Arts Projects

WPI's Humanities and Arts Requirement is a student-selected sequence of six courses that culminates in an Inquiry Seminar or Practicum. Each year I teach inquiry seminars on the history of sports and on empire in history. See the Registrar's course listings and departmental websites for more information about each year's listing. The culminating inquiry seminar may be completed off-campus and I have worked with WPI students in programs at London and Morocco. Students should contact the Humanities and Arts Department regarding on-campus or off-campus opportunities for inquiry seminars the humanities.

Interactive Qualifying Projects

Interactive Qualifying Projects examine the interaction of science/technology and society. These interdisciplinary projects are nine credit hours (equivalent to three courses at WPI) and usually completed in teams of 3-4 students. Off-campus programs involve two months of preparation at WPI followed by two months completing the project at locations around the world. These projects apply technical expertise to real-world problems and often combine applied research, service learning and community engagement. I have advised projects on a wide variety of subjects at Bangkok, Copenhagen, London, Lyon, Namibia, Venice, Washington, DC, and Worcester, and I am director of the Copenhagen Denmark Project Center, and was co-director of a project center in Lyon, France.

WPI has an innovative network of global programs around the world. WPI students should explore the WPI eProjects Portal and the Global Experience Office for more information and to apply for interactive projects in the junior year or major projects in the senior year. For examples of interactive projects with an impact, see the descriptions of recent projects in Denmark, Namibia, Bangkok, Albania, Costa Rica, Greece, India, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Pioneer Valley, Boston, and Worcester.

Major Qualifying Projects

Major Qualifying Projects are in a student's major field and similar to a senior thesis or senior design project at other universities. They are equivalent to three courses (nine credit hours), and completed over one to three academic terms. I am available to advise major projects for students in International and Global Studies, History, Humanities and Arts, and related fields. I have advised a variety major projects completed on campus or at London, Thailand, China, Paraguay, Israel, and Panama. Major projects in International and Global Studies have been completed on campus and off campus at many locations including Panama, Paraguay, Sweden, Israel, Morocco, Britain, Spain, Germany, Namibia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, and Dominican Republic.


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