Mrs. Chase

Course Description
Advanced Physics, taught by Mrs. Chase, explores both algebra and calculus based approaches to physics. We work together in exploratory labs and regular assignments, and cover a multitude of topics. This course covers most, if not all of the AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C curricula, encouraging a deep and thorough understanding of both the theory and computations.
Kinematics Lab

The first lab of the year explored the ideas of acceleration and velocities, asking us to determine whether a particular cart had experienced acceleration or not and how to determine this. The process included designing the lab and conducting the experiment, as well as analyzing the results and completing a write-up of the solution.
Dynamics Lab

In this lab, we were asked to create any question of our choosing investigating forces, then to design an appropriate experiment and analysis for proving or disproving our hypothesis. I worked with Joshua Schnee to determine if the static and dynamic coefficients of friction change with acceleration or force.