Math Modeling

Mrs. Burns

Course Description
The mathematical modeling course at Mass Academy, taught by Mrs. Burns, is not the traditional high school math class. We focus on improving our analytical thinking skills by solving various competition-style problems, simultaneously covering a broad range of ideas, from geometry to combinatorics. There is a particular emphasis on mathematical modeling, in which we express real life scenarios in mathematical functions and ideas, often making use of mathematical and programmatic software. This is accomplished in various group projects, in particular HiMCM.
Football Tickets with Mathematica

One of our first projects involved the use of Mathematica - a computational software used in mathematical modeling. This program allows us to combine math and more computational techniques by using the wolfram language. The problem shown used Mathematica to find the optimal pricing for tickets for the football games at a high school to yield maximum profit.

The International High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) is like a rite of passage for Mass Academy students. This is a two-week long competition (although we must do it in 48-hours) in which a group of students will attempt to solve a real life problem by building and analyzing a mathematical model. This process was highly collaborative, and involved researching for information, building functions and interactions, then implementing it in software to fully solve the problem. I worked with Rianna Santra, Joshua Schnee, and Venkatraman Varatharajan to complete this problem!