Sra. Wildfong

Course Description
The Spanish class at Mass Academy, taught by Mrs. Wildfong, is a complete immersion class in which everything is communicated through spanish — writing, speaking, listening and reading. This includes conversations for projects and receiving instructions for assignments. This method forces us to deeply use our spanish repertoire, identifying vocabulary gaps and improving our fluency.
Vocabulary Log

Because each student at Mass Academy has a different experience with the language, we are required to complete a vocabulary log each term. The definitions must also be in spanish, demanding us to understand not only the vocabulary term, but also our general understanding to write an effective definition.
Listening Logs

In addition to learning new vocab, we are also required to watch or listen to songs and shows in spanish. This improves our comprehension of native speaking and improves our understanding of pronunciation and accents. You can view my listening logs for B term here: