Mrs. Small

Course Description
The humanities class, taught by Mrs. Small, covers both English and history, with a particular focus on current events, culture, and what it means to be human. In this class, we read texts and discuss to deeply understand both the ideas within and society at large. We often apply our writing skills to not only demonstrate our knowledge of the topic but to also learn how to communicate effectively.
Capitalism in Education

Throughout the first term of the year, we learned both rhetorical devices and how they are used in writing, as well as about the education system and current shortfalls and advantages. This culminated in an essay on a topic of our choosing. I chose to write about how, while the schooling system may serve to educate the populace, that is not its current goal. Rather, the schooling system fundamentally prepares and conditions children into not only accepting and embracing, but actively reinforcing capitalism.
Original Satire: Explosive Profits

For our satire and logical fallacy unit, I worked with Joshua Schnee to write an original satire in which we mimicked think tanks and take jabs at the corporate mentality. Enjoy!