Advanced French

Advanced French is taught by Madame Wildfong. In this class, we learn more about the French language and culture, through movies, food, and music. We watch several films throughout the year and even have the opportunity to create our own short film in the second semester. This class is fully immersive – meaning that we only speak French when in the class. This includes answering and asking questions, conversing with classmates, and presentations.

Chocolate Truffle Recipe

In order to learn more about French cuisine, we were tasked with cooking a dish from a Francophone Country. I chose to make French Chocolate Truffles. I took pictures of my cooking process and put a slideshow together to show the recipe. Each student in our class made either an appetizer, main dish, or dessert, and we spent a class period taste-testing our classmates’ dishes. This was one of my favorite assignments, as I got the opportunity to try a lot of French foods that I would otherwise never have eaten.


In A Term, we had a unit on fairy tales. We learned about the different elements of fairytales, their history, and even looked at a couple of examples. We read the French version of Beauty and the Beast and watched the black and white version of the film. At the end of the unit, we got the opportunity to write our own fairytales on a topic of our choice.

Listening Log

For each term, we are required to keep a listening log and add two entries per week. For each entry we must watch or listen to something in French and write a short description. This can include French movies, tv shows, songs, podcasts, etc. This gives us more exposure to hearing native speakers, and overall allows us to learn more about French culture and arts. Take a look at my listening log for B Term above.