Taught by Dr. Crowthers

In STEM II, also known as the assistive technology project, groups of students were tasked with working in "companies" to identify and design a solution for a need in the community. Me along with three other students, Joseph Yu, Tarun Eswar, and Charles Tang, formed the company Joe and Sons Inc., where I served as the CMO. As CMO, I was responsible for the design, fabrication, and construction of hardware for the project. Overall, this course was very rewarding, especially with the opportunity to work with real clients who could benefit from our system.


Dementia, ADHD, and various other cognitive impairments often cause forgetfulness in the elderly population, especially in short-term memory function. The goal of this project is to develop a device that can help our client locate misplaced items within their household.


Our design is a rover-based device equipped with computer vision technologies that can be a powerful tool for locating misplaced items. The device can navigate autonomously through an environment on the ground while using its onboard cameras and advanced object recognition algorithms to identify and locate specific objects. Once an item has been located, the device can alert the user to its location through an application. This technology has the potential to save time and reduce frustration by quickly locating lost or misplaced items.