Taught by Mrs. Wildfong

Prior to Mass Academy, I took Latin, but instead of feeling lost in a new language, Madame's unique teaching methods made it easy to get up to speed on the topics we were covering. Our French class is a French immersion class, meaning that for the entire time, but the students and the teachers speak in French. Additionally, outside of just learning the language, we also spend significant time gaining and understanding of the culture of the country in order to let us converse even more fluently.

Petit Croque Monsieur

This slideshow is one that I created after our French potluck day. On that day, each student brought in a dish of French origin that they had prepared. Then to connect it back to the French language, we all presented our short slideshows on the steps we took to make them.

French Direct Objects

I think that this assignment shows the unique way of teaching in our French class. Instead of directly teaching us lessons, Madame has us review some prepared materials, and then create a set of instructions for that grammar topic. In this way, we have to comprehend each topic to a level where we could explain it to someone else.