About Me

A picture of Nevin standing in the inlet of a jet engine at an airshow

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Nevin Thinagar, and I am currently a Junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. In this website, I want to introduce you to who I am through the lenses of education, recreation and invention. I was born in September 2005 into a family of first-generation immigrants from India. This connection to my heritage is something that has always been a central part of my life. My parents have always emphasized to me and my sister, that the only way to get something done is through hard work, a trait emphasized through their tough path to the US. I never take their hard work for granted and use it as motivation for me to do my best each day. Another one of my biggest inspirations is my sister, while she is younger than me, she never fails to surprise me with her resilience and grit to get things done. It may be due to a little bit of sibling rivalry but seeing her succeed makes me want to do so as well.


There are a lot of things I love to do in my free time, but one of my favorites must be rock climbing. I started rock climbing during a summer camp when I was 10. Ever since then, I was hooked! I climb at Central Rock Gym in Worcester and participate in an organized team there. Rock climbing is really the first sport I enjoyed doing, after all, it’s probably the only sport where hanging upside down off a wall is considered normal. Climbing has also been a way for me to relax, even though it is physically hard, it lets me relax my brain from a hard day of learning to focus on just the movements on the wall. Outside of rock climbing, one of my more STEM related activities is building rockets! I was the lead of the electronics and sensing team on my High School’s rocketry club and have continued to develop my Arduino-based flight computer though the summer. I am hoping to launch the flight computer on a test flight later this year to create a truly low-cost and highly modular system for amateur rocketry enthusiasts.

Food and Travel

A picture of Horseshoe canyon

I love traveling, and, as you will see all over my website, I have been lucky to go to many places. In my travels, I have been lucky to visit locations in all the hemispheres of the world, from the chilly glaciers of Iceland to the scorching deserts of Dubai. To me, the best part of traveling, is not the places, but the people. Traveling around the world exposes you to many different cultures and views of the world. I have learned more by talking to people from different places than I have in all my years of school. It may be said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but to me, a conversation is worth thousands more.

A picture of a bowl of noodles

Another bonus of travelling is the food! I love sampling local cuisine from all the places I visit. I have discovered some of my favorite foods while traveling and have a slowly growing list of the best restaurants for each type of cuisine. But I don’t just eat other people’s food, I also love cooking my own recipes. I love watching cooking videos on YouTube and have put together a playlist of recipes that I want to make (it’s over 200 videos long!) and I slowly am getting through them each time my family has guests over. Hopefully, by the time college rolls around, I will be a good enough cook that I can save money by making my own delicious food!


Robotics Volunteering

The main community service that I participated in over the past year was mentoring the robotics team "The Inventors of Agami". When I was in 5th grade, I was also part of an FLL team, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever been a part of. One of the things that made it so much fun was my mentor. So, when I was offered the chance to mentor a team of first year FLL students, I jumped on the opportunity. This experience has taught me a lot about taking complicated topics and finding ways to explain them to younger students and keeping students under control while still allowing them to learn on their own. Overall, I would say that mentoring a team has been even more rewarding than being a part of one!