STEM 1 is a class led by Dr. Crowthers at Mass Academy. Throughout the class, you will conduct two research projects (STEM 1 being an individual research project for the first half of the year.) This class not only allows you to learn about what topic of research interests you, but it also allows you to improve your presentation skills, learn more efficient brainstorming methods, write and read professional research papers, apply your knowledge to the real world, and participate in the science fair. For the first month and a half of school, you will mostly be brainstorming with different diagrams like fishbones, 5 whys, and mindmaps, and by the end of each semester, your goal is to read 20 research papers. Although STEM 1 may seem like a very independence-oriented class, it is actually extremely collaborative. For beginners, Dr.C holds bi-weekly meetings with you in order to keep you on track, and during class, you work in groups to add to each other's ideas and narrow them down.