Mrs. Chase

Ms. Chase is the physics teacher at Mass Academy. This year in physics, we are learning the material for Physics C, Physics 1, and some of Physics E and M. Throughout the course, we study various topics, including energy and momentum, kinematics, and torque and rotational motion. Furthermore, there are two paths you can take: Algebra-based Physics and Calculus-based Physics. Throughout the year, we work through many labs, live demonstrations, and practice AP questions to better grasp the content.

Quantifying Motion

The quantifying motion lab was the first lab we completed this year. For the first part of this lab, we observed the movement of a battery-operated car and cart traveling down an incline. We then used our physics knowledge to determine if the vehicle was accelerating or had a constant velocity. Our group decided that the car moved at a constant velocity, so then we had to figure out what that number was. Finally, we had to document our information in Claim Evidence Reasoning format. Writing in this layout is very helpful because we also often use it in Humanities and STEM writing.

Dynamics Investigation Lab

At the beginning of C term, we completed the Dynamic’s Investigation Lab. For this lab, my partner Mihika Chalsani and I wanted to explore how changing an object's weight would affect its kinetic coefficient of friction when dragged. We decided to use books to represent the object. We added another book with the same weight for each trial into the box and monitored the change. In the end, we had three trials for four different weight groups and recorded the pulling force and pulling distance in mass. After completing our experiment, we found out that weight doesn’t affect the coefficient of friction. Although our investigation didn’t go as planned, we still learned a lot about the kinetic coefficient of friction. Feel free to read through our lab to learn more!