Señora Wildfong

Spanish, taught by Señora Wilfong, is a fully immersive class, meaning you can only speak Spanish or use gestures when communicating inside the classroom. Every day, we are asked to keep a log in our notebook of five to seven words we learned in Spanish that day. Señnora Wildfong conducts various activities, such as playing games, reading books, watching movies, doing group activities on poster paper, and writing essays in Spanish to increase our familiarity with the language.

José Orozco

One of our first assignments at the beginning of the year revolved around learning about Spanish-speaking painters. Each student got to choose an artist, and after doing some background research on the artist’s work, he had to pick three of their paintings. We then had to present these paintings to the class and describe what was in them in Spanish. This project was exciting and allowed us to expand our vocabulary. Take a look at my presentation below!

Spanish Memes

In B term, we got to create Spanish memes. This was one of my favorite activities because while expressing our Spanish-writing capabilities, we could also make light-hearted jokes that all MAMS students could bond over. These memes were then posted around the building for everyone to see. It was fascinating to see how creative the students got with this assignment. Displayed below are the memes that my partner, Anne Tie, and I made!