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Currently, I live with my parents and brother in Boylston, Massachusetts. However, my brother is now a sophomore at the University of California Berkeley, so it’s just my parents and me for most of the year. My parents are both from Andhra Pradesh, a South-Indian state, so we speak Telugu at home. Because of this, my family and I have gone to India every summer for as long as I remember. The love that my parents share for science and technology has given me a lot of exposure to the expansive world of STEM and enabled me to attend Mass Academy so that I could further my experiences. Without my family, I would not be where I am today, and they are a huge part of what shaped me into the person I am!

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In 4th grade, I developed a passion for photography. I am not sure if it’s the joy of encapsulating the perfect moment into a single picture or if it’s the fact that it allows me to look at the world through different lenses. I have always been one to take photos and videos of anything and everything because I never want to forget a single moment. To me, the best part of a picture is the story behind it. I started with cameras like a polaroid and disposable because they allowed me to print images on the spot. Along with taking pictures, I also love editing them. Editing is like drawing on a blank canvas; you take a photo from the real world and create the perfect mood and tone by changing factors like saturation or adding filters. Overall, I believe photography is an art like no other because of each image's transformation! The picture to the right is my favorite one I have taken thus far! It is my friend, Zoe, and her dog Rosie.

family photo


My life has been an adventure ever since I was young, whether that be visiting new places or seeking new experiences. One of the main things my family believes in is that life is too short, so you should do as much and see as much as you can while you have the chance, which is why we love traveling so much. It gives us a break and allows us to explore new worlds that are both super close and super far from us. So far, some of my favorite places that I have been to are Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, India, Mexico, and Dubai. Currently, my dream locations to visit are Athens, Greece, and Tokyo, Japan, but I am excited to see where else my bucket list will take me in the future!