Nicole Plotnik


Advanced french is taught by Madame Wildfong through immersion of the language. In class, we participate in a variety of activities including watching videos and movies, reading, and practicing our speaking in order to improve our French skills.

Why Learn a Second Language?

One of our first assignments in language class was to read an article about the importance of learning a second language by Tamim Ansary and write a reflection about it. I found the article very interesting because it focused on the idea that every language is unique and cannot be translated into another language perfectly. All the words in a language are associated with a feeling or emotion that cannot be replicated through translation. I also found the comparisons she made between different languages very interesting because each language has different rules on sentence creation. For example, in Finnish, a whole sentence can be written concisely as one word. Click here to see the article.

Tarte Tatin

A fun activity we got to do so far this year is to research and prepare a french dish. Everyone got to pick which dish they wanted to prepare. There was a variety of foods made including entrees, main meals, and desserts. I decided to make Tarte Tatin which is a tart made with apples. Additionally, we made presentations on the ingredients we used, the preparation of our dish, and what we would do in the future to improve the dish.