Nicole Plotnik


Humanities is taught by Ms. Small where we investigate the question of what it truly means to be human. Through many activities including readings, videos, and discussions, we cover many topics related to humanity including our language, how we present ourselves, and how we view ourselves in society.

Siri Q & A

Language is a major topic covered in humanities. The way we communicate is incredibly important in humanity and human development. One major category of language used by humans is satire. Using many satirical devices including humor, irony, and ridicule, a satire is used to point out flaws in human behavior in an effective way. In order to understand what truly goes into an effective satire, we got to create our own satires. My and Ashwina’s satire is a Siri Q & A where we wrote ten questions you could ask Siri and what Siri wishes she could respond. This juvenalian satire points out that sometimes humans have an overdependence on technology.

Education Essay

One of the first units we covered in humanities was education. In this unit, we analyzed many different readings about the American education system over time. We read about a variety of topics related to the education system including the significance of attending school, school environments, conformity, and the evolution of education. Then, we each wrote an essay about the readings and got to choose which prompt we would like to address. I decided to write about how the outdated education system must change in order to better support current students.