About Me

My name is Nathan Lam and I’m a junior at Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science (Mass Academy or MAMS) at WPI. I am currently 16 years old and was born in Fairfax, Virginia where I grew up for 8 years before moving to Worcester, Massachusetts. My sending school is South High Community School where I spent 2 years of my high school life.

Cross Country is a sport that I love doing. Currently, I am running with my team from my sending school South High Community School. My father is a big runner and runs many 10k races and even marathons sometimes. I am not at the level to run marathons, but it is something that I hope to be able to do just like my father. One of my favorite races that I have run in is the Canal Diggers 5k. There was a lot of people and it is something that I plan on doing again this year.

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I have 5 members of my family which consists of my mother, 2 older brothers, and 1 older sister. I am the youngest member of my family. Although we don’t all live together now, family is something to treasure. Something that us siblings always do when we are all together is play board games. My sisters website can be found here

Whenever I go anywhere, I love taking pictures. Photography is something that is simple and easy especially since there is a camera on my phone. I usually take pictures of nature and sometimes of animals. I usually love to focus on bodies of water with a lot of the photo having the sky in it. It’s something that quick, easy, and fun and it helps me record all the places I visit.

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