Lectures and Notes

Class Lecture Topics Resources
T, 16 May Introduction and Course Logistics
Introduction to Number Representations
Lecture 1 Class Notes
C Programming Examples
R, 18 May C Programming Basics
Intro to Embedded Programming
Lecture 2 (Full)
Lecture 2 Class Notes
Array program example
R, 18 May Lab 0: Introduction
T, 23 May Of Integers and Endians
Floating Point Representations
Lecture 3 (Full)
Lecture 3 Class Notes
R, 25 May The MSP430 Architecture
Intro to Digital I/O
Lecture 4 (Full)
Additional MSP430 Arch. notes
Last year’s Digital I/O notes
R, 25 May Lab 1: Simon
T, 30 May Digital I/O: Buttons and LEDs!
Lecture 5 (Full)
Lecture 5 Class Notes
R, 1 Jun More Digital I/O
Exam 1 Review
Lecture 5 Part 2 Class Notes
Exam Practice and Review
Exam Review Solutions
Exam Review Class Notes
R, 1 Jun Lab 2: MSP430Hero!
T, 6 Jun Exam 1: Architecture and programming basics
T, 6 Jun Intro to Clocks and Timers
Last year’s notes on Clocks
R, 8 Jun Timers and Interrupts
Lecture 8 (Full)
Lecture 8 Part 1 Class Notes
Stopwatch Example
Last year’s notes on Timers
Old stopwatch example
R, 8 Jun Lab 2: MSP430Hero! (cont.)
T, 13 Jun Intro to Analog/Digital Conversion
Using the ADC12
Lecture 8 Part 2 Class Notes
Lecture 9 (Full)
Lecture 9 Part 1 Class Notes
Last year’s ADC notes (Part 1)
Last year’s ADC notes (Part 2)
R, 15 Jun Data acquisition
Exam 2 Review
Last year’s ADC notes (Part 3)
R, 15 Jun Lab 3: Time and Temperature Display
T, 20 Jun Exam 2 Review
Lecture 11 Class Notes
Scroll wheel example
Practice Exam 2
Practice Exam 2 Solutions
Exam 2 datasheets
R, 22 Jun Exam 2: Clocks, Timers, and Data acquisition
R, 22 Jun Lab 4
T, 27 Jun More on lab 3
Intro to Operating Modes
Lecture 13 Class Notes
Notes on Operating Modes
Circular indexing (logger) example
R, 29 Jun Course discussion
Bonus Lecture: TBA
R, 29 Jun Lab 4

Additional Lecture Notes

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