Homework Assignments

Date assignedAssignment and ResourcesDue dateSolutions
Tue, 16 May Homework 1 Thu, 25 May by 7pm Solutions
Thu, 25 May Homework 2
Thu, 1 Jun by 7pm Solutions
Tue, 6 Jun Homework 3 Thu, 15 Jun by 7pm Solutions
Tue, 13 Jun Homework 4
ADXL335 Datasheet
Tue, 20 Jun by 7pm Solutions
Wed, 27 Jun Homework 5 (Bonus assignment!)
Notes on Operating Modes
Notes on Digital Interfaces
Fri, 30 Jun by 5pm

Submission guidelines

In general, all homework must be submitted to the labeled box in the ECE office or given directly to the instructor. If the ECE office happens to be closed when the assignment is due, please write “ECE2049” at the top and slip your homework under the office door.

When submitting your homework, it should be:


With the exception of certain code-based problems, homework may be either handwritten or typed. In general, code problems must be typed. If you choose to write out your homework by hand, it must be legible! We cannot give you points for answers we cannot read!


All pages of your homework must be stapled! Feel free to ask anyone in the ECE office to borrow a stapler before submitting.

No Ruffles!

If you write your homework by hand, be sure to remove any “ruffled” edges from notebook paper. Ruffles have ridges, your homework shouldn’t.(TM)

Solutions and late policy

Homework solutions are posted immediately following the due date. Due to this, late homework submissions are generally not permitted without prior arrangements. If you have any issues submitting a particular assignment, please contact the instructor.