(PhD in Mathematics, Courant Institute 1994)

Marcus Sarkis, Professor
Mathematical Sciences Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609-2280
Telephone: (508) 831-5287
Fax: (508) 831-5824
E-mail: msarkis at wpi dot edu

Brown Bag:

Brown Bag

Recent Research Interests

My most uptaded publications: from Google Scholar
Publications until 2017

  • Numerical analysis
  • Domain decomposition for PDEs
  • Immersed boundary Methods and CutFEM and IIM
  • Finite element methods (FEM)
  • Dynamic fracture propagation
  • Multiscale FEM, DG, HDG and FV
  • Parallelization in space and time (parareal)
  • Solvers for optimal control
  • Multiphase flow, multiphysics coupling and petroleum applications
  • Inverse scattering and Helmholtz solvers


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