Mass Academy Physics is a course taught by Mr. Ellis in which we learn many facets of physics throughout the year. So far, these have included motion and kinematics, forces, energy momentum and power, and most recently rotational concepts and inertia. These units are taught through notes and written examples, physical demonstrations, and lab assignments.

At the end of each chapter or unit, we are given an Über Problem, which is a physics problem that utilizes most or all of the topics covered in the previous unit. Über Rocket was the problem for the kinematics chapter, in which a hamster was shot into the air on a rocket, resulting in projectile motion of the hamster and rocket.

Über Pulley was another Über problem we did, but this one was for the end of the forces unit. This problem included blocks and pulleys that launched a mass up and off the top of a ramp, and the mass flew through the air as a projectile eventually falling back to the ground.