Intermediate French, along with the other language classes taught by Mrs. Wildfong, are immersion courses, where the whole class takes place in the target language. In my case, this means that every day we only speak French in class for one hour. I had never really experienced a class like this before, and compared to the language classes I took at my sending school I can say that I’ve already learned much more than in all the other years of French I’ve taken.

An assignment we had in B Term was to research a dish from a Francophone country and prepare it. Everyone brought in their dishes and we had a day where we ate a lot of French food. I chose to cook an onion tart, as I had tried one in the past and remembered enjoying it. This presentation shows the steps I took to create the tart.

Another assignment we had this year was to write an original fairy tale using the elements of a common fairy tale. We had been learning the past tense and fairy tales in French, and to practice those skills we wrote a fairy tale utilising passé composé. I wrote my fairy tale about a fire-breathing flying fish who terrorized a forest full of little animals, and an elf who is able to stop the dragon and save the forest.