Actuated shoulder cap and arm movements in walking:


Arm amputation can have dramatic consequences on balance, stability, gait and skeletal support. Arms provide balanced spinal forces and assist angular momentum regulation (directly related to stability). We plan to build a 1.5 kg heavy prosthetic device, packaged to fit a shoulder cap, and able to attain 50% of dynamics generated by healthy biological arm. The system will also recognize activity (e.g. walking) and adapt to various features of specified activity (e.g. walking speed and step frequency). We plan to perform a study of arm movements in walking for different speed and step frequency in a study on 40 healthy human subjects walking on a variable speed treadmill. The results will be used to develop adaptive control for actuated shoulder cap.

Publications and Presentations:

Current Researchers:

Marko B. Popovic

Past Researchers:

Stanley C. Mui, Franco Antonio Oshiro, and Garrett Irgens Yablonski