Project list (as of May 2019):

2D simulator platform for studies of walking and running with toe joint

Low-cost Oxygen Concentrator >>>helping during the crisis<<<


Biomimetic Musculoskeletal Humanoid Robot Walking

Thoughts Controlled Accurate Prosthetic Hand

Space and Planetary Robotics

Physical Intelligence and legged robotic systems

Gait Assistive Shoulder Prosthesis: Shoulder Control Moment Gyroscope

Design and Testing of Robotic Socket for Transtibial Amputees

Toyota sponsored research: Actuation, Sensing and Control of Posture in Dynamic Environments for Improved Vehicle Safety

HydroBone and Variable Rigidity Exoskeleton

Hydro Muscle


Biomechanics and Robotics

Linear One-to-Many (OTM) system: Many degrees of freedom independantly actuated by one electric motor

Rotary One-to-Many (OTM) system: Many (artificial muscles) degrees of freedom independantly actuated by one electric motor

Bio-inspired flapping bird (ornithopter) robot and flying studies

Artificial muscles for elbow brace

Actuated shoulder cap and arm movements in walking

Robotic Prosthetic Availability Analysis: An Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)

Locomotion and Balance Principles

Robotic Balls and other UNUSUAL ROBOTICS

Theoretical Particle Physics: Higgs and Plank