Theoretical Particle Physics:

Higgs and Plank


We study the attractive possibility that Higgs is not an elementary field / particle but rather a composite field composed of fermion and antifermion pairs, further advancing Composite Particles Model (CPM) [1]. The Popovic team will also investigate cosmology within the paradigm of CPM [1] as well as in [2], where the measure of information content, and general observability, is varied by scaling the product of position and momentum uncertainties.

In October 2013, the WPI particle physics group will hold a three day particle physics extravaganza at WPI titled “Why Higgs Matters”. This event will host number of particle physics speakers covering wide variety of topics, include panel discussions and (if there is interest) particle physics workshops. This event will be open to the general public, it will help strengthen the public’s awareness of particle physics and motivate necessity for continued fundamental science research.

Publications and Presentations:

1. M. B. Popovic (2012), "The Composite Particles Model (CPM), Vacuum Structure and ~ 125 GeV Higgs Mass," arXiv:1206.1507 [hep-ph].

2. K. Vanslette (2012), "Variable Phase-Space element h and Infinite Unobservable Entropy", arXiv:1210.8145 [physics.gen-ph].

Current Researchers:

Kevin Vanslette and Marko B. Popovic

Past Researchers: