Low-cost Oxygen Concentrator
>>>helping during the crisis<<<

WPI’s Marko Popovic creating design for oxygen concentrators.
Popovic is working on a design for an oxygen concentrator, which is a device that removes nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched gas stream to a patient. The concentrator can be used on its own or can be part of the overall ventilator design. COVID-19 patients need a higher level of oxygen because of their diminished lung capacity.

Popovic also is laying out a design to 3D print valves for the concentrator. Normally, each valve would cost about $100 but by 3D printing them, the cost drops to between $10 to $15 a piece. The valve, which was recently invented in his lab, is lighter, more compact, more controllable, and less expensive than traditional valves.

“This is what we do at WPI,” said Popovic. “Given the current situation with COVID-19, the need for oxygen concentrators and ventilators is growing exponentially. This is a very unusual situation for our health care system. We can help, so we’re helping.”
WPI Researchers Developing Open-Source Designs to Speed Creation of Low-Cost Ventilators, WPI News & Events, by Sharon Gaudin, April 1, 2020


Simple, easy-to-manufacture, low-cost Oxygen Concentrator anticipated to generate 90-95% medical-grade oxygen in a continuous fashion. The device can be employed as it is or it may be part of a medical-grade ventilator.

Its operation is based on a pressure vacuum swing adsorption (PVSA) method. Device consists of: 1 Zeolite molecular sieve, 1 low/high pressure pump, 2 “smiley” 3-way valves, 1 Arduino type controller, tubing and tube connectors.

Manufacturing cost is estimated at not more than several hundred USD for system that could provide oxygen supply for in between 4 and 20 patients. (!)

For details see Low-cost Oxygen Concentrator, Popovic Labs, WPI, April 2020, WPI Provisional Patent.

If interested to utilize this technology during COVID-19 crisis there exists a royalty free, non exclusive , 'don’t sue me' license. Please contact the WPI Office of Technology Commercialization.