Independent Publications

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(20) Narayanan, R. P.; Ma, L.-C.; Kazantzis, N. K.; Emmert, M. H.* Towards Remediation of Bauxite Residue (Red Mud): Cost Analysis as a Tool for Sustainable Process Development of Sc Recovery Processes, 2018, under revision.

(19) Tyufekchiev, M.; Duan, P.; Schmidt-Rohr, K.; Granados Focil, S.; Timko, M. T.*; Emmert, M. H.* Cellulase-Inspired Solid Acids for Cellulose Hydrolysis: Structural Explanations for High Catalytic Activity, ACS Catalysis 2018, ASAP.

(18) Narayanan, R. P.; Kazantzis, N. K.; Emmert, M. H.* Selective Process Steps for the Recovery of Scandium from Jamaican Bauxite Residue (Red Mud), ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2018, 6, 1478-1488.

(17) Wang, A.; Venditto, N. J.; Darcy, J. W.; Emmert, M. H.* Non-Directed, Cu Catalyzed sp3 C-H Aminations with Hydroxylamine-Based Amination Reagents: Catalytic and Mechanistic Studies, Organometallics 2017, 36, 1259-1268.

(16) Horsley, C.; Emmert, M. H.; Sakulich, A. R.* Influence of Alternative Fuels on Trace Element Content of Ordinary Portland Cement, Fuel 2016, 184, 481.

(15) Legacy, C. J.; Emmert, M. H.* alpha-C-H Oxidations of Amines to Amides: Expanding Mechanistic Understanding and Amine Scope through Catalyst Development, Synlett 2016, 27, 1893-1897.

Invited contribution as SYNPACTS article.

(14) Zhang, X.; Desrochers, S. J.; Carl, A. D.; Geagea, N.; Zielinski, K.; Emmert, M. H.* Low Temperature Dehydrations of Non-Activated Alcohols via Halide Catalysis, Org. Chem. Frontiers 2016, 3, 701.

(13) Bandara, H. M. D.; Jin, D.; Mantell, M. A.; Field, K. D.; Wang, A.; Narayanan, R. P.; Deskins, N. A.*; Emmert, M. H.* Non-Directed Aromatic C-H Amination: Catalytic and Mechanistic Studies Enabled by Pd Catalyst and Reagent Design, Catal. Sci. Techn. 2016, 6, 5304-5310.

(12) Kerr, M. E.; Ahmed, I.; Gunay, A.; Venditto, N. J.; Zhu, F.; Ison, E. A. Emmert, M. H.* Non-Directed, Carbonate-Mediated C-H Activation and Aerobic C-H Oxygenation with Cp*Ir Catalysts, Dalton Trans. 2016, 45, 9942-9947.

Invited contribution to New Talent: Americas 2015 issue.

(11) Bandara, H. M. D.; Field, K. D.; Emmert, M. H.* Rare Earth Recovery from End-of-Life Motors employing Green Chemistry Design Principles, Green Chem. 2016, 18, 753-759.

Highlighted in Chemistry and Industry and BBC Horizons.

(10) Legacy, C. J.; Wang, A.; O'Day, B. J.; Emmert, M. H.* Iron Catalyzed alpha-C-H Oxidation of Tertiary, Aliphatic Amines under Mild Conditions, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 14907-14910.

(9) Bandara, H. M. D.; Mantell, M. A.; Darcy, J. W.; Emmert, M. H.* Rare Earth Recycling: Forecast of Recoverable Nd from Shredder Scrap and Influence of Recycling Rates on Price Volatility, J. Sustain. Metall. 2015, 1, 179-188.

(8) Bandara, H. M. D.; Mantell, M. A.; Darcy, J. W.; Emmert, M. H.* Closing the Lifecycle of Rare Earth Magnets: Discovery of Neodymium in Slag from Steel Mills, Energy Techn. 2015, 3, 118-120.

Highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News, Jan 2015.

(7) Gunay, A.; Mantell, M. A.; Field, K. D.; Wu, W.; Chin, M.; Emmert, M. H.* Oxidation Catalysis in Air with Cp*Ir: Influence of Added Ligands and Reaction Conditions on Catalytic Activity and Stability, Catal. Sci. Techn. 2015, 5, 1198-1205.

(6) Emmert, M. H., Introduction. In C-H Bond Activation in Organic Synthesis, Li, J. J., Ed. CRC Press: 2015; pp 1-20.

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(4) Bandara, H. M. D.; Darcy, J. W.; Apelian, D.; Emmert, M. H.* Value Analysis of Neodymium Content in Shredder Feed: Towards Enabling the Feasibility of Rare Earth Magnet Recycling, Environ. Sci. Techn. 2014, 48, 6553-6560.

(3) Darcy, J. W.; Bandara, H. M. D.; Mishra, B.; Blanplain, B.; Apelian, D.; Emmert, M. H.* Challenges in Recycling End-of-Life Rare Earth Magnets, JOM, 2013, 65, 1381-1382.


(2) Bandara, H. M. D.; Sosin, M. H.; McKeogh, B. J.;  Emmert, M. H.* Non-directed, Pd-catalyzed C-H amination of simple arenes, GSTF J. Chem. 2013, 1, 18-31.

(1) John, L. C.; Gunay, A.; Wood, A. J.; Emmert, M. H.* Catalysts for convenient alcohol oxidations in air: systematic ligand studies in Pd/pyridine systems, Tetrahedron 2013, 69, 5758-5764.

Publications from PhD/Postdoctoral Work

(6) Cook, A.; Emmert, M. H.; Sanford, M. S.* Steric Control of Site Selectivity in the Pd-Catalzyed C-H Acetoxylation of Simple Arenes, Org. Lett. 2013, 15, 5428-5431.