Welcome to the Emmert lab homepage!

The Emmert lab was located at the WPI Life Sciences and Bioengineering Institute at Gateway Park in Worcester, Massachusetts. Part of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, we are a group that explores transition metal catalyzed reactions, their application in organic synthesis, energy related catalysis, and sustainable chemistry. Read more about why we are doing what we are doing under Research.


08/18    Marion is moving to Merck (West Point, PA) as an Associate Principal Scientist in Discovery Process Chemistry. Please continue to follow her on her Twitter account.

Thank you WPI for all the great collaborations and science you've enabled us to do during the 7 years here! With Anqi planned to defend (soon), our time in MA has come to an end. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

07/17    The group news feed has been transferred to our NEW TWITTER ACCOUNT - Check us out!

02/17    Marion is granted tenure and promotion at WPI! For a short description of her achievements during the last 5 1/2 years, see here.

11/16    Remya wins the first price in a Metal Processing Institute Poster Competition - judged by the industry members at the ACRC/CHTE meeting. Congrats! Check out a picture with the MPI directors here.

10/16    Chris wins the first price (and a trip to the 21st Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference 2017) in the student poster competition at the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable Symposium!

08/16    Marion is selected as a Academic Young Investigator of the ACS Organic Chemistry Section and gives a talk about some of the group's contributions to C-H functionalization research at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia - check it out here!

07/16    Our trace metals paper with the Sakulich group and our halide catalysis paper get page numbers!

07/16    Groups members are presenting recent work at three different GRCs: Organometallic Chemistry, Organic Reactions & Processes, and Green Chemistry!

05/16    The BBC World News Documentary Horizons features our work in an episode about the circular economy! See here and here for some funny and insightful footage shot in our lab and here for an overview of the whole episode (Adobe Flash required).

05/16    The NSF I/U CRC CR3 Spring meeting takes place in the beautiful Belgian city of Leuven!

04/16    Marion finishes her tenure tour during which she has shared the latest research results from our laboratory with faculty and students at more than 30 universities. Welcome home!

04/16     Our paper on halide catalysis is accepted! Congrats to first author Xiaoang!

03/16     Our paper on non-directed, Pd catalyzed C-H amination is published - congrats to co-first authors Dong and Dhammika!

03/16      Our paper on aerobic Cp*Ir catalyzed C-H Oxygenation is accepted - see press coverage here!

02/16      The BBC visits the lab to film our motor recycling process! Check out some early footage here and here

01/16      Ken Zielinski joins the group for a graduate rotation - welcome!

12/15    The group Xmas party was a huge success - check out pictures here!

11/15    Brian wins an undergraduate research poster award at the 26th Harry Allen Symposium at Clark University - Congrats!!! Pictures are here.

10/15    Our first Angewandte paper about oxidative Fe catalysis is here - read it online!

09/15    The Emmert lab is featured in two WPI news releases about our C-H amination and Rare Earth recycling work - these stories got picked up by over 200 secondary sources, among them the Worcester Business Journal, wn.com , newsoneplace.com, topix.com, phys.org, Worcester Telegram, EurekaAlert, News-Medical.net, virtual-strategy.com, Drug Discovery & Development, benzinga, sciencenewsline.com, esciencenews.com, newsunited.com, Jersey Tribune, newsfiber.com, newslocker.com, San Francisco Chronicle Online, Houston Chronicle Online, sciencedaily.com, upi.com, benzinga.com, nanowerk.com, AIChE, Mining.com, R&D Magazine,  and bignewsnetwork.com.

08/15    ACS National Meeting in Boston!!! Meet us there!

07/15    Katie, Chris, Anqi, and Marion present the group's work at the Gordon Research Conferences (Organometallic Chemistry & Organic Reactions and Processes).

04/15    Mark, Turner, Sarah, Mike, and Drew present their senior thesis (MQP) research during project presentation day. CONGRATS to Mark for winning the First Place in Chemistry - CONGRATS to Mike for winning the Second Place in Chemical Engineering!!!!!

04/15    Anqi, Xiaoang, and Katie present their research at the YCC 2015 Northeastern Student Chemistry Research Conference.

03/15    Marion presents the group's work at ACSOC (Turkey) and ACS (Denver, CO). pictures

02/15    Hazel Fargher and Kady Ferguson join the group in preparation for their MQP - Welcome!

02/15    Dhammika's work on Nd recovery from steel slag is highlighted in C&En News! Read more here.

12/14    Anqi, Chris, and Xiaoang present their work in poster presentations at the Graduate Research Innovation Exchange at WPI.

12/14    Marion presents the group's rare earth recycling work at the College of the Holy Cross.

11/14    Join the group, researchers from Pfizer, and other folks from neighboring universities for a Green Chemistry Workshop - Sustainable Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry on November 15, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM. The symposium will also include a Career Panel. All interested are welcome - and free breakfast and lunch will be sponsored by Pfizer :)

10/14    Marion presents the group's work at Bridgewater State University and at BRIC at Boston University.

10/14    The semi-annual meeting of CR3 in Leuven, Belgium coincides with rolling out a new website! Guess who's the cover girl...

09/14    Welcome to our new senior thesis students Sarah, Turner, Drew, Michael, and Mark! Goodbye to our DAAD summer student Dominik - all the best for your year in Bristol!

06/14    The group welcomes a new postdoc: Kathleen Field who just graduated from Rutgers! Congrats on your PhD and welcome!

05/14    Marion presents on the group's work at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in the "Melanie Sanford Symposium - 10 Years Sanford Lab".

05/14    Congratulations to Dhammika's group of freshmen who won the poster competition in the Great Problems Seminar for their poster on Rare Earth Magnet Recycling! Way to go!

04/14    Congrats to Mark for winning the ACS undergraduate award in Inorganic Chemistry!

04/14    Congratulations to Julia! She wins the 2014 Provost's MQP Award in Chemistry for her poster presentation about her work in benzylic C-H bond aminations. Well deserved!

04/14    Wenbo, Ahmet, Mark, and Michael win WPI's Sustainability Project Competition (category undergraduate students) for their poster on aerobic alcohol oxidations. Congrats!!!!!!

04/14    Chris wins the 1st prize at the WPI GRAD 2013 (Master's Level - Sciences) for his poster presentation! Check out a picture of the happy winner here.

03/14    Julia will present the outcomes of her group's Environmental and Sustainability Studies Senior Seminar in an open forum. Come to Higgins Labs 116 at 5 pm to hear her presentation!

03/14    Chris has been voted among the finalists for the university-wide GRAD 2014 poster competition. Congrats!!!

03/14    Marion presents the group's work at the ACS National Meeting in Dallas, TX, talking about aerobic alcohol oxidations, C-H aminations, and rare earth recycling.

01/14    WPI lands in the top 20 of colleges with the smartest students! Read the whole story here.

01/14    Anqi goes through his second year seminar (pictures).

12/13    Xiaoang and Chris give their second year presentation and pass the first part of their examinations towards obtaining a PhD. Congrats!!!!!

11/13    Ahmet presents a poster about his chemistry at the Celebration of Science Meeting at WPI.

11/13    Our first paper on rare earth recycling is published in JOM, summarizing some of the work done by Julia and Dhammika during the summer of 2013. Read it here.

11/13    The CR3 meeting takes place at the Colorado School of Mines, with Dhammika presenting his studies regarding cost-value analyses of end-of-life rare earth magnets.

10/13    Chris and Ahmet present posters about their work at the ACS Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM 2013) in New Haven, CT.

10/13    Marion gives two invited lectures at the University of Rhode Island and Connecticut College.

09/13    With the school year 2013/14 starting, we welcome our first batch of senior thesis students into the lab: Eric Oswald, Wenbo Wu, Da Teng, and Julia Darcy - Welcome! We missed you over the summer!

08/13    Marion presents an invited lecture on recent results of the group at the Westfalische Wilhelm-Universitat in Munster, Germany. The title is "Chemistry and Sustainability: Catalysis and Recycling Hand in Hand.

07/13    High school students from MassAcademy meet with us to create a Travel Science Show Team - with Green Chemistry experiments!

07/13    Marion and Dhammika present their work at the Organometallics Gordon Research Conference and the Organic Reactions & Processes Gordon Research Conference.

06/13    Julia Darcy joins the lab as an NSF REU student in collaboration with CR3. Da Teng continues his work on a Pfizer grant to enhance Green chemistry. Welcome!

06/13    Our first ORDMOC (Online Research Discussions of Methods in Organometallic Catalysis) meeting kicks off with presentations by Chris and Ahmet. Participating groups are the Findlater lab (Texas Tech), the O'Conor and Laviska groups (both TCNJ), and the West lab (The University of the Sciences at Philadelphia).

05/13    Dhammika, Chris, and Ahmet present their work at the CR3 meeting in front of our industrial sponsors.

05/13    Juan Venegas receives a WPI Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2013 to continue his work in our lab during the summer. Congrats!

04/13    Da Teng receives the 2013 ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry!!! Congratulations!!! Pictures of Da receiving his certificate can be found here.

04/13    Juan was selected to receive a WPI Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2013 to fund his work in the Emmert lab over the summer 2013. Congratulations!

04/13    Anqi, Chris, Da, Wenbo, and Xiaoang present their research at the WPI Sustainability Projects Competition. Marion presents the group's work at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.

03/13    The group's first publication is available online - good work everyone!

03/13    Chris wins the 1st prize at the WPI GRAD 2013 (Master's Level) for his poster presentation!!!

03/13    Meet the group at the Graduate Achievement Days (GRAD 2013 with Chris, Xiaoang, and Anqi presenting posters) on March 13 and at the Celebration of Science 2013 at Gateway Park on March 15 - pictures to come!

02/13    Marion's new title is "Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering" to catalyze :) the collaboration with the materials engineers at WPI within CR3, an NSF I/UCRC.

12/12    Christmas party - see the pictures!

10/12    Marion becomes a member or CR3, the Center for Resources Recovery & Recycling, an NSF I/UCRC (Industry & University Cooperative Research Program) located at WPI, the Colorado School of Mines and KU Leuven (Belgium).

10/12    Anqi Wang, Xiaoang Zhang, and Chris Legacy join the lab!

10/12    Wenbo Wu and Andrew Wood join the lab as undergraduate research volunteers. Happy Learning!!!

10/12    Chris Legacy joins the Emmert lab as a rotation graduate student (from hereon referred to as "rotator"). :) Welcome - and break a flask!

09/12    Ahmet Gunay joins the lab as a new postdoc. Welcome!

09/12    Lukas John joins the lab as exchange student for the Fall semester 2012 to do research for his bachelor's thesis. Welcome!

09/12     Anqi Wang and Xiaoang Zhang join the lab for a 4 week rotation - Welcome!

08/12    Philipp Bisang and Csaba Szabados join the group as exchange students for the Fall semester 2012. Welcome!!!

08/12    Dhammika presents a poster about his work (Pd catalyzed C-H aminations) at the ACS Fall Meeting 2012 in Philadelphia.

07/12    New office with windows, yay! From now on, Marion can be found at GP 3004.

07/12    Marion presents a poster about Dhammika's and Michael's work with the title "Pd and Cu catalyzed Non-directed C-H Aminations" at the Organometallic Chemistry and Organic Reaction & Processes Gordon Research conferences.

06/12    Marion has been selected as the recipient of an ACS PRF Doctoral New Investigator Award!

05/12    The new Emmert lab homepage is online!

04/12    Michael and Dhammika present a poster at the "Envisioning Sustainable Futures" competition at WPI. First research presentation!

04/12    Juan was selected to receive a WPI Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2012. Congrats!

03/12    Juan Venegas joins the Emmert lab to prepare for summer research. We're glad to have you!

02/12    Da Teng (Crimson) joins the group as an undergraduate research volunteer. Welcome!

01/12    A new year and new students: Brendan McKeogh joins the group as the first undergraduate researcher. Welcome, and break a flask!

12/11    Our very own GC is finally up and running. Never let the autosampler stop!

11/11    Dhammika Bandara joins the group from UConn. Welcome!

09/11    First reactions are running!

08/11    Marion arrives at WPI from Michigan, Michael Sosin joins, and the Emmert lab is born.