Maryam Hasan

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About Me:
I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am working under supervision of Elke A. Rundensteiner. I finished my master degree in Computer Science Department at University of Alberta working with Eleni Stroulia and Denilson Barbosa. During my master program I designed and developed a framework for analyzing natural language textual artifacts of the software process in order to extract valuable information about various aspects of the software life-cycle.

Contact Information:
Phone: (617)306-2110

Research Interests:

In general I am interested in stream data and textual data mining. My PhD research focuses on analyzing streams of textual messages in social blogs auch as twitter in order to extract valuable information about evnts in real time. The system should be able to discover new emerging trends and topics of discussion and explore the evolution of the topics.


Academic Awards:
Heritage Scholarship: Graduate Scholarship for outstanding students in the second year of a master program, by Government of Alberta, 2010.

Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship: Graduate Scholarship for excellence in academic and research, by Government of Alberta, 2009.

Outreach Award: Departmental Award for outreach activities by the Computing Science department at the University of Alberta, 2010.