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Maria Dariotis


My name is Maria Dariotis. I was born in Framingham, MA but I have lived in Douglas, MA all my life; I am 16 years old. Before coming to Mass Academy, I went to Douglas Public Schools preschool through sophomore year. I live with my mom, Tia Dariotis, and my dad, Stravros Dariotis. I have one brother named John, but my family is anything but small. To put this in perspective, I have 21 cousins. They live across the globe in Greece, Canada, and America which is probably a good thing for the rest of the world. After high school, I hope to pursue a career in medicine, but take a look at my personal page to know a little more about me and my interests!

Me With My Mom and Grandma Camp Bournedale Me and My Brother Me and My Friends at HOCO Me with my dad and cousin