Mihika Chalasani


These collaborative immersion courses focus on acquiring language proficiency through the use of authentic materials, including literature, music, film, discussions, and games. Students understand grammar in meaningful contexts and engage in project-based learning as they produce podcasts, make movies, and engage in small group projects. Students are assessed on their individual progress via video, audio, and written portfolios.

Art Presentation

The language classes offered at Mass Academy is the only class split up by proficiency level. The class is fully immersive, where students are expected to only speak Spanish in the classroom. Students are exposed to their languageā€™s culture and diction through movies, food, and music and have an opportunity to make and present them to their class.


The funniest assignment that was given to us during lang was the chance to make our own Spanish meme. We could use any existing meme template or make one up completely. It was hilarious to see what everyone had come up with. Here are a couple of my partner and I's ideas!