Mihika Chalasani


We cover a wide range of topics in Advanced Physics such as kinematics, dynamics, and energy. Students digest the material through quizzes, tests, and group work. Collaboration is demonstrated in labs, where students have the opportunity to visually witness and experience the topics covered in class. Students are also instructed to analyze their data and draw conclusions creating a well-rounded learning environment.

Dynamics Lab

One of the labs done this year was the dynamics lab. Each group was instructed to recreate a dynamic set-up of our choice and measure the force acting on the objects. For our lab, my partner and I decided to put varying numbers of textbooks in a bucket and dragging it across the carpet with a string to measure force.

Crash Carts Simulation

My favorite lab so far was the crash carts lab. Each group was given two carts on a track with metal rebounders on each side. The tracks were connected to a laptop where the velocity was measured. Each group was then instructed to complete two physics problems with our new information. These are my groups solutions!