Mihika Chalasani


Math modeling a class dedicated to exploring problem solving and computer simulations. The class covers a wide array of untraditional topics where students are instructed to approach the problem any mathematical way they choose. Students have to opportunity to participate in math competitions as well as create models of their own.


One of the most notable projects done during the course of our Math Modeling journey was HiMCM— a competition that Mass Academy juniors have the opportunity to participate in during the month of November. In a 36-hour time span, every group must come up with mathematical solution to a given problem. Each team can choose one out of the two complex problems provided and solve them any mathematical way they choose. My group choose modeling the population of beehives. Here is our paper!

Epsilon School

Something unique to math modeling is the problem of the week, or POMs. A couple times a month, we are assigned a problem that our group must solve and create a mathematical model. We can solve the problems any mathematical way we choose and present them to the class at the end of the week. Our first and most memorable POM was the Epsilon school. The problem stated that the Epsilon High School was increasing its population and it was up to us to distribute the new 7 faculty members.