Mihika Chalasani


Humanities exposes students to a variety of literary, historical, and cultural readings. Students are encouraged to explore the material thoroughly for class discussions, group projects, and essays. The class provides the essential question: “What does it mean to be human?” and students examine how the definitions and understandings of “humanity” have changed over time.


One of the most enjoyable projects done in HUM was the satire project. The assignment was to create a satire, in the form of any medium, using literary devices and fallacies. Some groups wrote a newspaper article, others rapped in front of the class, and some even created short movies to present. My partner and I created a video satirizing ignorant celebrities and cancel culture. Here is our video link!.

Walden Skits

The beginning of the year was mainly focused on the book, Walden—specifically, our Walden skits. Each group was instructed to create a skit about any lesson from the book Walden and preform it on the yearly trip to Bornedale. Our skit followed Thoreau and how he lived his daily life. Here is our skit script!