Mihika Chalasani

Computer Science

Computer science teaches web design techniques for students to maintain their electronic portfolios in the form of a website. The year started with developing simple websites, using two coding languages. These websites expanded during our mid-year updates where students were able to update the content from all their classes. Computer science also covers all types of logic-based coding exercises. Students must efficiently code utilizing their learned knowledge of iterations, arrays, etc.

Line Art

One of my favorite projects done in computer science so far is the line art assignment. We were instructed to create an intricate design made up of a series of straight lines. I achieved this intricate design by utilizing a series of for-loops. It creates this cool optical illusion!

Line Art Assignment

Inverted Colors

Another interesting assignment we had was one where we had to manipulate an image, outputting the original image with inverted colors. I achieved this effect by changing the color of each pixel in the image. This changes a regular picture of the Queen Mary into a black and white look alike.

A Picture of the Queen Mary before A Picture of the Queen Mary after

Apps for Good

The apps for good projects gave students to build and develop an app that can aid users in specific tasks or problems. Groups were instructed to conduct market research, document their work, and develop algorithms to create a functional application.

Style Sync

A common issue that many people face nowadays is what they should be wearing. People have clothes that can be worn in different seasons with different colors and different patterns, so it is often hard to coordinate matching items of clothing together to create a cohesive outfit. A lot of the time people end up wearing similar clothing everyday, and sometimes people don’t go places simply because they do not know what to wear. Our goal is to create an app that will take the items of clothing that a user has and compile them. From there, it will be able to select items of clothing that go well together and suggest multiple outfits for the user. These suggestions will be made using levels of formality, seasonal wear, color, and patterns in order to match a top and bottom together. The end goal is that the user will be able to have multiple outfits created for them at a moment’s notice, so they can be certain of having fitting attire, and don’t have to be worried when going out. Check out my teammates pages! Suhruth and Jaylin.

Target Audience

This application can help nearly anyone with all their dressing up needs. It could be a kindergartener who is wondering what they need to wear to school, or it could be a CEO who needs to dress formally for a meeting. This application could also help people that are colorblind, since it is a lot harder for them to identify colors. An additional target audience is those who are unsure of what to wear in the morning. Many people are very indecisive when deciding what they should wear, and this app can address that need. This app could also be used by individuals who wear similar clothes on a day-to-day basis. This app could spice up their dressing variety. All in all, this app would be used by an audience that needs help with what to wear for an occasion.

Minimum Viable Product/Features

The user can add new pieces of clothing to their virtual closet by taking pictures of the desired garment. There is a camera feature on one of the three screens where the user can snap a photo of the layed out shirt or pants. After the picture is taken, some edit options will appear on the screen. Here, the user can enter the color, type of clothing, whether it is patterned, and the seasons it can be worn in. After the user is done editing all the details of their clothing, they can add the piece to their closet, with all the details stored. The flow chart below depicts how the picture of the clothing piece gets stored and displayed.

App Fair

A Picture of me group at App Fair A Picture of me group at App Fair

App Fair Poster

A picture of our App Fair poster