Mihika Chalasani

About Me


My family is made up of my dad, mom, and older brother. I also consider my cousins as my immediate family as well since we were practically raised together. My mom has a twin sister, and they did everything together- including getting married, moving to the US, and having kids. My brother and my older cousin were always paired whereas me and my younger cousin (by 6 months) were inseparable. I especially look up to my older cousin Nivi. She is my biggest inspiration and I am constantly in awe at how strong she is and how she always tried to protect me and her little brother.

Me and my family at the beach in 2010 Me and my cousins at a restaurant Me, my aunt, my mom, and my cousin at Kimball Farms

Field Hockey

I have played field hockey since I was 12 years old as a seventh grader at Tahanto Regional Middle School. I started playing after being inspired by my dad, who played field hockey in college. He pushed me to where I am today. I love being a part of a team and I have a whole new family from my field hockey team. I have never met a more determined and considerate group of girls. I play as a forward on the left wing and I absolutely love it! Last year I made the Mid-Watch D all star team I and I can’t wait to see where this next season takes me! Click to view the list of Mid-Wach All star teams!.

Me facing off an opponenet in a field hockey game Me and my best friend making a heart with our field hockey sticks Me dribbling down the field during a game

Student Council

One of my favorite parts of my sending school was participating in the student council. From decorating for homecoming to attending the state conference, I loved it all. What I loved the most was being a part of making a change. For example, every year a council from every school runs into the freezing ocean in the middle of winter in support of the Special Olympics. Students are encouraged to raise money for athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities to participate in Olympic events. To learn more click here!. Though I was sad to leave my council, I am a proud honorary member!

Me and my friends during spirit week Me and my council from my sending schoola t the state conference. Me and my council at the winter conference.

Class Officers

Leadership has always been a big part of my life. I was class treasurer at my sending school and I loved it! My fellow class officers and I would always put together super fun fundraisers. Some of my favorites were selling personalized keychains and putting together a town-wide 5k. Being a class officer has taught me a lot of very useful lessons such as coming up with solutions for problems on the spot and delegating when class meetings get out of control. Though I was treasurer, the class officers would often help each other with our respective jobs, which taught me how important it is to work as a team and support one another


I was in a wide variety of clubs at my sending school and I enjoyed every single one! Each one taught me how to be better and I was constantly learning. Math team taught me critical thinking, the business club taught me marketing tactics, LEOs brought me closer to the community, and so much more. I even started a club at my sending school for tutoring struggling students. I started the ACE club with one of my peers at the beginning of junior year and we were successful in helping students study for upcoming tests, finish their homework, and understand what was being taught in their classes.