Sailing has always been a big part of my life, and I've been sailing for over half of my life. I started to sail competitively when I was in seventh or eighth grade at Massapoag Yacht Club in Sharon. A couple of years later, I started sailing at Regatta Point Community Sailing on Lake Quinsigamond. At MYC, I sail a single-handed boat called a sunfish and Regatta Point sails c420s, a double-hander. Double-handers have, as the name implies, two people in the boat, which adds a new layer of complexity to sailing. I’ve been having tons of fun in the 420s recently, and got to go to my first 420 regatta this summer.


I’ve been doing some sort of FIRST robotics since I was in 5th grade. All throughout middle school, I participated in FLL with varying degrees of success in competition. Once I hit high school, I joined Shrewsbury's FRC team, 467. During the ¾ of a typical FRC season that I got, I helped to design and build a tower that could shoot a dodgeball into a goal in a subteam entirely comprised of freshman. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. It was hard to leave 467 for Mass Academy, but I’m excited to join 190, Mass Academy and WPI's robotics team.


I do competitive gymnastics and participate in the XCEL program. XCEL doesn’t spend as many hours in the gym as JO (Junior Olympic)—the program most people are familiar with— and the levels are much more flexible. I am planning on competing XCEL Platinum (equivalent to JO levels 6-8) this year. My favorite event is probably bars, but I like every event except for beam. No one likes beam.