WPI Mathematical Sciences Department

Discrete Mathematics Day At WPI

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA


General Information:

Schedule and Abstracts

The meeting will begin at 9:15am (first talk at 10:00am) and continue through to 5:00pm.  There will be 5 talks during the day.

As with the other Discrete Math Day conferences, there is no registration fee, and pre-registering strongly encouraged.  To pre-register, send email to Bill Martin.

We expect that some financial assistance will be available to graduate students wishing to attend the conference.  More details will follow as they become available.

Directions, Parking and Accommodations:

You can find directions and information about parking at WPI here

Okay, there is construction on campus and many parking lots post signs stating that a permit is required. So let's have something more constructive:

Campus Police have been notified that visitors will be parking in the following places on Saturday:

  • Quadrangle periphery. Follow West Street to the top, then turn left or park along the top of West Street under the footbridge.
  • Goddard lot, off Salisbury and "Private Way".
  • West Street lot, down the hill from the Math building.
  • Higgins lot, along driveway to Higgins House, off Salisbury Street.

The presentations will take place in Olin Hall Room 107, adjacent to the Campus Center, where we will hold our breaks.

Here is a list of local accommodations, and a list of area dining.

In you are in need of further assistance, contact Bill Martin.

Discrete Mathematics Days in the Northeast:

As you may know, this is part of a series of one-day conferences, titlted "Discrete Mathematics Days in the Northeast" and styled after the earlier "CoNE" meetings.  Information on previous meetings can be found here.

Upcoming Meetings in the Discrete Math Days series:

As far as I know, Discrete Math Days have been held at U Mass Amherst, Dartmouth College, SUNY Albany, University of Rhode Island, WPI, SUNY Binghampton, Bard College. Information on the 2003 Discrete Math Day at WPI can be found here at http://styx.math.neu.edu/~bdonovan/DMD/

Local organizers: Peter Christopher, Dan Dougherty, William Martin, Gabor Sarkozy, Stanley Selkow, Brigitte Servatius.

Supported by WPI's Provost's Office, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Computer Science, and Center for Industrial Mathematics and Statistics.