WPI - Ultrafast Terahertz Physics Laboratory

Prof. Lyubov Titova

Ultrafast Terahertz Physics Lab

We use ultrafast optical spectroscopy and terahertz spectroscopy to probe dynamics of photo-excited charge carriers in nanomaterials with applications in photovoltaics and solar fuel production. We are also interested in applying broadband THz pulses and ultrafast optical techniques to study a variety of other systems and phenomena, from intermolecular dynamics in liquid state and their role in chemical reactions, to properties of cells and cellular biomolecules.

We are looking for Ph.D. students to join Ultrafast Terahertz Physics Lab starting in the Fall of 2015 or Spring 2016. Contact Prof. Titova for more information. To learn more about Physics Ph.D. program and the application process, visit Physics Department website.

We also have openings for motivated undegraduate students. Whether you are a senior looking for an MQP project, or a 1st-year, 2nd-year, or 3rd-year student interested in gaining research experience, e-mail Prof. Titova with a brief description of your research interests, and we will schedule a time for you to visit our lab and discuss possible projects. We are also recruiting IQP students interested in developing hands-on materials on light and optics for Girls, Inc. summer programs.

Summer 2015: what's new in the lab?

Intense THz pulse generation in lithium niobate crystal


Optical pump - THz probe spectroscopy setup is completed. First measurements on high resistivity Si wafer!