Through interactive labs, group projects, and other assignments, students in Physics develop their understanding of the world around them. As a student in this course, I have learned the basic calculus concepts that we will need this year to understand different physics concepts, and have learned about kinematics in one dimension, projectiles, dynamics, energy, and momentum. The current unit looks at circular motion and gravity.

Class Assignments

Nerf Launchers Lab

For this lab, we worked in small groups to practice using skills relating to kinematics, projectiles, dynamics, and energy. Nerf launchers allowed us to try various tests and measure the results to learn more about these topics.

Quantifying Motion Lab

This first lab of the year looked at velocity and acceleration and practiced what was learned in the kinematics unit. Using a stopwatch and meter stick, we observed a battery operated car and a cart traveling down an inclined track and reported our results by stating a claim, giving evidence in the form of collected data, and showing the reasoning behind the claim by interpreting the data.