- Krishna Purimetla -

Hello, my name is Krishna Purimetla. My birthday is on May 11th. I lived in Ashland, MA until I turned 8, when my family and I moved to Marlborough, MA. I attended Marlborough Public Schools until 6th grade, when I transferred over to the Advanced Math and Science Academy (AMSA). Now I am a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI (MAMS).

3 Years Old

- Flight Lessons -

I take flight lessons at the Minuteman Airport in Stow. I am on my way to earning a pilot’s license for single engine airplanes, including Cessnas and other small planes. I really enjoy flying because it offers an incredibly rare experience: to see the entire world from above, and defy nature with flight.

Flight Lessons

- Math Team -

I have been a part of a math team since middle school and have attended various competitions across New England. I find the questions intriguing, because they are not “normal math” and require you to apply your math skills logically, in order to solve the question. I was the captain of both the middle school and freshman math team at AMSA and am part of the math team here at Mass Academy.

Middle School Math Team Middle School Math Team

- Soccer -

I have played soccer for as long as I can remember. I really enjoy playing soccer (and other sports for that matter) because it allows me to relax and take my mind off homework, school, and other stressors. I played town soccer from when I was 5 to when I was 14, and now play club soccer with Best FC.

Marlborough Youth Soccer Best FC

- Sports -

In addition to playing soccer, I also watch a lot of sports on TV. I really enjoy watching the Premier League (in England) with my favorite team being Chelsea. However, I also watch football, basketball, formula 1, and tennis as well as other different Olympic sports. Most of my favorite teams are from Boston, including the Celtics, and the Patriots.

F1 Celtics Chelsea Patriots Olympics

- Travelling -

I also really enjoy travelling, and my family and I have been to many places across the United States and the globe. Recently we visited Italy, and went to Rome, Florence, Venice, and Naples/Pompeii. The food was the best part. We have also been to the following countries (many of which I was very young and don’t remember much): Canada, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador (The Galapagos), Kenya, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, England, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Netherlands, U.A.E, Sri Lanka, and India. My favorite place has to be the Galapagos, just because of the diversity of animals you find on the archipelago.

Colosseum Sistine Chapel
Abu Simbel Me in Abu Simbel Me next to the Pyramids
Machu Picchu Terrace Farming Me in Machu Picchu